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IF Then with > and < Condition Error

8 - Asteroid

The answer is probably staring me in the face.  However if I actually go to finish the If/Then statement



It freaks out when I try and add the final EndIf. I have tried to do it with and without the ().  There must be something wrong.  Nor do I care what the last Else is coded too as there really shouldn't be anything left.


Can anybody tell me what I am missing?


Thanks in advance!

12 - Quasar

Hi @alyssa_sedai,


What is the data type of your field [sum_sales_week_95]? The error message the formula tool is giving you looks like you are trying to do math on a string field. The solution to that issue is to change it to a numeric field!


Also, I believe you could accomplish this binning with the manual cutoffs configuration in the tile tool... just a thought! 

8 - Asteroid



Thanks!  Yeah I have a brain... maybe... That was totally the answer!

12 - Quasar

No problem! We all have those moments 🙂 


If you ever find yourself writing a lengthy IF statement, I'd encourage you to investigate some of the other tools available. A long IF statement like this accomplishes the goal, but it's easy to make mistakes and not very dynamic. This kind of binning can be done in the tile tool or with creative uses of the join tool! Happy solving!