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IF THEN OR T/F Formula Not working

7 - Meteor



I have the following Formulas. They are listing as all True, That nothing is false. I have checked the data over and over again. But it looks like it should be working.  The meta data says V String. Anyone have any thoughts on this?





This is my desired output:

TSection 0SectionNull]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Tile Sequence 
TSection 0TitleNull]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]1
TSecton 1Name Date DateDate     Comments 987
FSection 0Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]2
FSection 0Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]2



This is my current output:

TSection 0Section Null] Null] Null]Null]Null]Null] Null] Null]Tile Sequence 
TSection 0Title Null] Null] Null]Null]Null]Null] Null] Null]1
TSecton 1Name Date DateDate   Comments 987
TSection 0 [Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null] Null]Null] 2
TSection 0 Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null]Null] Null] Null]2



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @rgalik 


I think I need a few more pieces of information to help out.


- I don't see a {Tile_SequenceNum] field/values in the example data you provided, so I am unable to eliminate that logic as a problem at this time. 

- In the example data you have spaces in some fields, which will fail the isempty( test, as a space is not the same as empty. A Data Cleansing tool could be used to quickly replace those spaces if you would like.


If you can provide a workflow with your example data in a Text Input tool, that would be very useful for the Community to test with. 

7 - Meteor

HI There, 


I have added the additional Tile Sequence field, and I have updated the fields to reflect that they are [null]. Thank you. 

9 - Comet

It appears like the first formula is the one setting in to T - specifically the part that says [1] = 'Section 0'. Do you perhaps mean to have 


if !isempty([3]] or ([1] = 'section 0' AND [Tile_seqenceNum]=1) then 'T' else 'F' endif


I would encourage you to think about your desired output and create one IF THEN ELSEIF THEN ... ENDIF formula rather than have multiple IF statements