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IF A and B are null


I know this is likely a simple solution that I'm just not thinking of, but I'm stuck. I have two columns, A and B. I'm creating a new column C that should work like this:


If column A is null, then use the value from column B. If column A AND B are both null, then input "N/A". Otherwise, use the value from column A.


This is the formula that is not working:

if IsNull([ColumnA]) THEN [ColumnB] ELSEIF (IsNull([ColumnB]) AND IsNull([ColumnA])) THEN "N/A" ELSE [ColumnA] ENDIF


Appreciate any help to get this working!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi ew87,


This might be what you want,



Nested if statements - Capture.PNGwf

Order of your If statement is not correct. you should first check for null values in both A &B Columns. And in the next "if-else" statement, you should check if A is null and B is not null then column A else column A


Structure of IF-ELSE Statement:

IF A= Null() and B= Null() then "N/A"

elseif A=Null() and B!=Null() then [B]

else [A]



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If A and B are the same when populated you could also use,


Nested if statements2 - Capture.PNGwf


All of these methods worked - thank you! I knew it had to be something with the way I was formatting my IF statement. Great to learn the other ways to achieve the same results as well.