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I want only to read excel sheets that have months in there names updated every month


I have a spreadsheet that has multiple sheets that has a new sheet every month,  I only want to read sheets that have a three letter Month string in them (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul ...)

I am having troulbe formating the select statement on the Input date to feed into the dynamic input.  I want this to be dynamic since it is updated every month.  


I know how to do this with a table I update manually every month but it would be nice to be able to do this automatically,  (see image 1 below I olny want to read the ones in yellow.  


I tried playing with the SQL editor (see image 2 below) but it is not obvisous hot to format the search and there are not examples that I can find. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated (Alteryx is very cool :))







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I think a solution could be to open the excel file choosing List of sheets name, so that you get a list of all the sheets.


Then filter only the tab names that match the regex pattern "\w\w\w\d\d\d\d\" (filter with formula Regex_Match)


And after you have the list of desired sheets, you can use a Dynamic input.




Thanks, I will give it a try!!!


I was using an xls file and it appears not to provide the <List of Sheetnames> option. 




When I stored it as an xlsx file the <List of Sheetnames> appeared.





Hello @Federica_FF


I was going through the post to find solution to a similar problem I am facing. 

In my case I am bringing in a file with multiple sheets and I want to select only 3 sheets from it 

I was searching if I can something like sheet name like '%IS' or '%BS' 

Can you explain how I can use the Regex_Match function on the formula tool?


thank you!