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I need to parse my field


Hello everyone,


I need to parse my field and pasted the data below. Can you please help on this? 



Status: New Manager: Sweety Type: General First Name: Jon 


Expecting Results like below:


StatusManagerTypeFirst Name

As a first step, you could use a formula like


REGEX_Replace([field_with_that_line], "([^\s:]*:)", ",$1")


to insert a comma before each column header. The regex [^\s:]*: says "match a string consisting of any number of characters with no spaces or colons followed by a single colon"


This will produce output like 

,Status: New ,Manager: Sweety ,Type: General First ,Name: Jon


which you could split into columns using a TextToColumns tool. The rest of the reformatting could probably be done using TextToColumns and a transpose/crosstab combination. Let me know if you have questions about that, or if I've misunderstood what you're data looks like.


It would be great if you can share sample workflow.Thanks!


Can you please send me sample workflow so that i can see how to perform it. Thanks!


Actually, if you know what the column headers are ahead of time, it might be easier to just use some FindString formulas to figure out where the column headers start and end and extract the content from between them, like this (see attached workflow)MakeTabular.PNG