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I need to download files from a subfolder of sharepoint office 365.


1. I tried using Sharepoint List Input tool - when i am giving the full path including the sub folders it is throwing an error. Sharepoint list input tool is able to take only main directory

for eg:

in the 8 Trading Analytics my files are present.

But the sharepoint input tool is able to take the url till DigitalWorldTeam.

I thought %20 is not working since in the url space is replaced by %20 and i tried with other options as well by removing %20 and giving the space, hypen etc.

2. Tried using directory tool, by giving the network path

eg:\\\DavWWWRoot\sites\DigitalWorldTeam\Team Documents\8 Trading Analytics\

it is throwing an error saying the invalid directory.


Any help is much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance




Hi @DurgaNavya,


the Sharepoint List Input in Alteryx only works with data formatted as Sharepoint lists. I found this article on Microsoft’s support page about lists here. If you are not sure what they are and if these are set up on your Sharepoint, use can use the following as a work around.


You can sync a local folder on your laptop to you sites on Sharepoint online. This will create a local copy of the content, which will be synched with the online content so that it’s always up to date.


From Alteryx, you can read files/directories using the standard Input tool, pointing at the local Sharepoint folder on your laptop. Alternative, the Directory Tool pointing to your local folder should work just fine.


To create the synced local copy: Log into your Sharepoint online, navigate to your site > click on the 3 dots > Sync > log in > Start Sync


Hope this helps!


Alteryx Partner

Hi @DurgaNavya 


One of the way to do that is to sync the Sharepoint to your local desktop and use the path from the DIRECTORY TOOL and get the data

HI Giuseppe


Thanks for the reply.

I have two sharepoint links. one is of office 365 and the other version is below server 2019 from where i should get the files

Your option works for office 365 and server 2019. But for the lower versions what can i do?


Thanks in advance




Hi @DurgaNavya,


you should be able to access older Sharepoint document libraries by using the regular Input tool or Directory tool once you have a UNC path, as described here:


I found this article on how to map an older Sharepoint library as a network drive here:


Hope this helps!