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I need a loop in Alteryx

Alteryx Partner

here is the use case: I have to tables (let's name as table 1 and table 2). In table 1, there is a column named item with many strings, for example "TRIVITRON HEALTHCARE PRIVATE Hitachi LIMITED". Table two is a brand table with only one column named brand (for example "Hitachi"). What I wanna do is to find out brand in my item column in table 1.image.png


for example, if you can find "Hitachi"(or some other brands name in table 2), then return ''Hitachi" in a new column in table 1; if not, leave it as blank.


the problem for me is there are too many brands need to compare, so I need a loop to figure it out.

Looking forward to any possible solutions you guys offer to me and thanks so much

12 - Quasar
The find and replace tool will do a lookup based on a partial field. I believe this is what you’re looking for and you don’t need a “loop” as you described.
11 - Bolide

I think this will accomplish what you are trying to do. Let me know if you have any questions. 

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thanks so much. That is exactly what I need, yes,yes,yes!!!!  Thanks again!!

Alteryx Partner

thanks so much. I didn't know this tool before. your reply helped me a lot. Thanks again