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I'm trying essentially do a lookup


I have an input that I'm trying to append a data field from Salesforce to.  Not sure how to do this in Alteryx?


Use the Salesforce Input tool which is available for download from the Alteryx Gallery. The tool is a connector that will prompt you for your credentials and input data from Salesforce into Alteryx Designer. From there you can append that data to your existing input via an Append Fields tool or if you are trying to join based on a common field you can use the join tool. 


I guess I communicated that wrong, I've pulled the data from Salesforce into a workbook and am looking to append data from that workbook to another, just like a look-up. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Then use the Join tool. Be careful though given that this tool is case sensitive.


This tool has 3 outputs, being the one in the middle where there are coincidences and the data is appended one to another