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I have a requirement to run a report weekly, need to pull the data sql where clause create


1)I have a requirement to run a report weekly. I have tried to update the query builder with the following function createddate>=Date now -7 but did not work. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you


2)in the output.CSV how do i add pipe delimited  ||'"|"'||, I was able to add one pipe but not multiple pipe delimited.


3)output.csv, how do i update the date to .csv This report has to be generated every week. 



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Hi @cloudcrmconsulting, referring to your questions

1) What database type are you using? Oracle or SQL server? Assuming you are looking to pull last 7 days worth of data and the database type is:

Oracle, I would try createddate >= SYSDATE-7 

SQL Server, I would try createddate >= GETDATE()-7


2) & 3) attached is a skeleton example of how I artificially create the .csv files output location and pass it to the Output tool, where I also define the | delimiter to be used





Please let us know if this isn't what you were looking for.


I am using Salesforce. How to pull the records in where clause sysdate -7

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LAST_N_DAYS in the following link seems like something you are looking for: