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I am trying to download data from Liveperson Data Access API, can anyone help.


Has anyone in this forum been able to use Alteryx to download data from Liveperson Data Access API. All my attemot have been in vain.




The domain being

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @oselle


What errors are you getting when trying to access that endpoint?


What authentication method are you trying to use?



Here are the typical errors messages I have been getting;


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><error><time>2018-09-10T03:58:42.564-04:00</time><message>bad request</message><internalCode>5</internalCode></error>


I am using API Key for authentication.


Despite getting a connection established method,no data is downloaded

Alteryx Certified Partner

According to their documentation, the problem is an issue with the header or body parameters.


Annoyingly they don't give an example of a complete call to see, for example the StartTime should be in milliseconds...that doesn't make sense.


I would try experimenting with your start/end date parameters and see if that works


My start and endtime  are all in milliseconds




Let me know what you find out. 



Alteryx Certified Partner

That makes sense, 


Is there another, simpler call that you can try to make sure you are passing the OAuth corretly?




I have tried this;




Replacing a domain with , accoundId with myID and the msghist. This also gives the same error.


Not quite sure what to do next.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Usually you have to pass the API key as part of the headers,


Have you read through these pages?




I am no longer getting errors with no data being retrieved. 




Just wondering if you have been able to figure / find out  anything else to resolve this issue.