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I am trying to download data from Liveperson Data Access API, can anyone help.

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Hey @oselle


I wont be able to help much more as I cant access the API, but I would suggest that you start with a really simple call to check you can actually connect. And then expand from there.


The documentation is really helpful, so read through that

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Thanks, I know the connections are successfully established however for some reason no data is streamed or downloaded. I am trying other ways as well, will keep you posted on my progress.

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Hi @oselle

I am facing a similar issue, were you able to find a solution to the issue.

Best regards, 

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I opted to use .Net API calls instead. 

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I know It's been a while, but have you been able to find a solution in Alteryx for the Live Person API? They don't have great documentation on their site, but I have a feeling my headers aren't formatted properly. 

I'm trying to pull the engagement History API.


@santak_das @oselle 

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Anyone have any luck api'ing the liveperson data? I wonder if the python script that was developed for Qualtrics could be leveraged? Obviously keys and domains would have to be changed, but it may follow a very similar format?


Qualtrics API script: 

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@BobSnyder85  I actually did get this up and running - I hope it's not too late for you!


I used this macro here:


There is another macro embedded within this macro, and there is an additional piece of data that you will need to add in. If you right click on this macro and open it, you'll see the text entries that build out the call - I can't remember but I believe it was either a page call or a scope that is necessary for a successful call but missing from the macro.  If you look at what's included before the R code that builds out the secret with the call and compare with a sample from LivePerson you'll be able to identify the missing piece right away.


The biggest issue with the API was they were still using OAuth 1.0 when we were all trying to build it which uses a key that is sent with each call. Now it does look like they've updated to OAuth 2.0 which should make building the API so much easier. 


I do apologize as I am no longer with the company that I built this API for - or else I would share the edits and a sample of the workflow I had to make! 


I hope this message helps!