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How to vary HTTP POST API requests

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Hi Alteryx community,

Sorry if i butcher any terminology. I connected via the download tool to a web address via HTTP POST using the variables shown in the screenshot.

The output displays me the necessary information, but now I have to vary the value of AWB number to 1000s other numbers that I have in another database file to also gain the information for these numbers.

How do I do this? Hopefully someone can help or guide me to a resource that I could not find by searching myself.

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14 - Magnetar

@Pingu - You can embed the download tool inside a macro and parameterize the POST value. I have put together a sample workflow which you could modify to suit your case.


Once you drag and drop the action tool connecting the control parameter and download tool, make sure to go through the configuration options and identify the field value you need to update in every iteration of the macro.



Let us know if this solves your ask.

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Thanks AbhilashR,


I have reviewed your sample workflow and macro, but could not get my workflow to work yet.


I think its mainly due to my lack of familiarity with these tools yet - I do not grasp how to use the configuration options / how I can use this tool to update the AWB number value and do a multiple requests.


Basically I have an input table with a column AWB that is dynamic / changes over time.




When the workflow is run it should retrieve the status of those AWB numbers. But of course it is not feasible to update the value manually in the payload tab of the download tool that was done for testing purposes.


Edit: Reading more about the tools - I think I am on to something and can use the field below 'and values from these fields' so you don't use a constant.


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14 - Magnetar

Hi @Pingu, thanks for getting back to me! Reading your Edit note I assume you have an idea to proceed forward. Please feel free to reach back to the Community if you run into challenges. 

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Yes, thanks alot for your help and input. In the end the solution I used was to use the "And values form these fields" in the Payload tab of download tool.