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How to use unit separator as delimiter in alteryx


I have trying to create a file with unit separator and i m not sure how to do it. I have attached a screen shot of file header. Instead of comma or tab or any other delimiter,  I m looking for unit separator as delimiter. Please let me know if i m not clear i will try to provide some more information . Thanks for the help



Having never tried this before, try using this as your delimiter:




Let me know if that works, or if there's an issue!


It didnt work. It throws an error attached is the error


I also ran into some challenges getting this to work just using the output tool - particularly because it seems like most windows applications (Alteryx included) don't display this character by default.


There may be a better way to do this, but I've attached a workflow that I believe will support your output format.  Basically, by consolidating every row into one field and creating the delimiter using a formula, we can output to a "non-delimited" file using this custom delimiter.


let me know if this helps!


This is perfect, exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much