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How to use filter to filter multiple words using wildcard function


I want to use the wildcard to filter out data that has the following words: 

  • HODE% (ie. HODE12, HODE23, HODET4 etc.)
  • ABTX% (ie. ABTX34, ABTXJ8, etc...)
  • ABDT%
  • WEDT%

I know I can use the following formula for one of the 4 words, but I would like to know if there are formulas I could use where there are multiple words I need to pull out from a database. Any suggestions, tips, or resolution?


CONTAINS([Field 1],'HODE')


Are you using this within a filter tool? You can use the following formula in the custom filter expression box.


CONTAINS([Field 1],'HODE') OR CONTAINS([Field 1],'ABTX') OR CONTAINS([Field 1],'ABDT') OR CONTAINS([Field 1],'WEDT')


I don't know of a different way, so I'm interested to see what the Community come up with.


I usually use the filter tool with all of my specific words in OR statements one after the other -Contains([Field1],"HODE")

OR Contains([Field1],"ABDT")  et cetera.


At least you could have Alteryx help you write the conditional statement by inserting the words for you if you have more than a few to type.

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Hi @blitz45,


Filter tool would work fine in your case as suggested by @BrandonB  and @summarizer .


Thank you so much! this worked!


That's exactly what I did! thank you!