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How to use ARIMA/Holtwinter model in inbuilt R in Alteryx to create forecast in retail

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Hi all,

Glad to be part of this community. I am a new user, who has experience of DBMS, little bit R coding, Very little JAVA coding and basic Tableau user knowledge. Extensive knowledge in supply chain and operations. Here in our firm, we have purchased Alteryx designer license. I want to use inbuilt R models in Alteryx to create forecast. 

Industry: Retail. Number of SKUs: 10,000 or more. sales data: last 18 months both weekly and monthly basis.

Requirement: Effectively use R models inside Alteryx to create forecast for next 1 month/3 month for all the SKUs. We will create separate categories of SKUs. Cat 1: SKUs with low sales.

Cat 2: SKUs with high sales. Cat 3: SKUs with erratic sales. Cat 4: SKUs which are only seasonal: Example: summer products/winter/outdoor usage products. Cat 5: SKUs which sold in low volume, example: Big sofa set or big furniture.


I am completely new to Alteryx. Let me know, how and where shall I start? 

Redirect me to tutorials and demo video/case studies to learn how to use R in Alteryx.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @saikathalder ,


Welcome to the community!


First, I would probably recommend you to do some of the interactive lessons to get to know the platform, it's the basic staff but really convinient.


For the more advanced R tools would reccomend to check the following:


This shows you most of the basic R tools and how they work.


There are also some weekly challenges which need arima models:




Hi @saikathalder,


in addition to what @afv2688 suggested, I'd recommend you to also have a look at the built-in sample workflows. Alteryx Designer > Help > Predictive tool Samples >Predictive Analytics > Time Series Forecasting Sample will open a workflow with a step by step description of the process (expand the container on the bottom part of the screen, see picture below).



You must have Alteryx Predictive Tools installed.


Hope this helps!