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How to trigger a tool container based on condition?


I have two independent work flows,  First work flow will output true or false.  If first work flow return true then i want to trigger the second workflow which is available in a tool container. is it possible to trigger a tool container based on condition ?  Do containers enable or disable based on dynamic conditions.

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Try using 'Detour' tool.


You can bypass certain steps in your workflow based on a condition.


Hey @anil_m! Check out this article, and see if it is what you're looking for...




Here are the work flows 1 and 2 are highlighted in blue boxes, Box1 will just return true or false,  If box1 returns true then i want to run the box2.  I am not aware of  joining either detour or the macros.  There is no data transfer between them.


@anil_m I think you can still accomplish what you are wanting with the method explained in the article I posted. In your formula tool, just add a Boolean column that says "true" or "false" to feed into the macro. Then, within the macro (right click on the icon and click open macro), put the tools you want to run based on your certain condition in the tool containers. Depending on which came in as true or false, one of the containers will run the tools within. You do not have to have any input to the macro in your main workflow other than the Boolean. Just put your inputs within the tool containers within the macro. This way there will be no data transfer. I attached a simple workflow I created that hopefully will clear things up. If the total field equals 5 (true) then one tool container runs, if the total field does not equal 5 (false), the other one runs. You can make modifications as necessary to your workflow from there. Hope this helps!


Hi Barnesk, Thanks for the detailed explanation :-)