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How to transform raw data in Pivot table format to row base?

6 - Meteoroid

I have a raw data that comes in a pivot table format (example the raw data below with just data1 and data2) . Wanted to  revert  the pivot table  (refer target format)

1) all date in date

2) all data in column name starts with "data" are to be ingested to a single value" column.

3) all column's name are to be ingested in the "data" column respectively.


Tried using the "Arrange" tool but finds it not productive when I have a large number of column to convert, any idea how to do this more effectively?


The raw data: Target format:










11 - Bolide
I believe the Transpose tool is what you're looking for...
@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide
6 - Meteoroid

Thank you.