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How to sum certain columns without affecting other?

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The first section is the two rows that I am starting with. I would like to sum the bolded columns (quantity, lbs, level) but keep the rest of the information that same so it reads as the second section. What tool would you suggest to achieve this output?



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Please see below:



Attached the workflow,


Hope that helps,



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Hi @akilbour ,


You can achieve that with the summarize tool. The documentation for the tool can be found below:


Essentially you have to group by all the fields that are common between the two rows (Name,F8, FileName, New Field)  that are non-numeric (apart from RecordID) and then sum all the numeric fields(quantity, gal, level).

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Here's a screenshot of what the above would look like:

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 12.30.24 PM.png


It will work as long as the values in the "group by" fields are consistent. Any differences will create a new row.

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Hi @akilbour - Try this solution:



And, notice the configuration window for the Summarize tool:



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Thank you @clmc9601 for the screenshot! I tried to use the summarize tool but for some reason, it will not let me select sum for the quantity, gal, and lb field. Do I need to change them from a V_wstring maybe?

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Yes, that is correct @akilbour ,


You are only allowed to apply the sum operator on numeric fields only. So changing them to a Double or an Int if they are all integers will allow you to use the sum function.