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How to stop alteryx from adding thousand separator to Values in Excel

8 - Asteroid

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to export a table which has ID  to an Excel sheet But in excel IDs are like this (8.570) [and yes It's a Dot]

You should know that i'm using Report tools to export the Tables to an excel sheet

Already tried to change the file type from INT16 To STRING but in excel it Shows me sth that this coloumn is saved as a string but has numeric value (Which is not good)

How can i stop Alterfyx(Or Excel) To put  thousand separator in my IDs?

14 - Magnetar

There's no option in the Table tool to uncheck the thousand , separator, unfortunately. The only way is to change it to a string.


Does this specific sheet have to be written with the Report Table tool?


There is, for instance, a way that you can create the Excel file with Report Table and Render, but only write the 1st like of data with the report tool.


You then use an output data tool with append to existing option to write the data into the sheet.