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How to speed up importing into Microsoft SQL Server?

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I set up a DSN and was able to configure the Bulk connection. See screen shots below.

The problem is I’m getting errors when I run the workflow. See additional screen shots below.



I use the default setting


I assume I need to define the database here, otherwise there’s no other place to input the database


I leave the default settings



I’m getting errors when I try to run the workflow. It runs fine if I use OLEDB connection but it’s slow. Why am I getting field size errors?



Thanks for any help you can offer.


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It seems you are responding to the Community post via email and none of the screenshots are coming through.

I might suggest it would be best to open a case with Customer Support by sending that email to

They can deal with your specific issue to resolve.

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I have to read from SQL Server and found for reading we don't have SQL Server Bulk Connection setup in Input tool. Right now its taking me more than 2 hours to run query, is there a way to boost up the process? I am using Alteryx 10.1

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I have a similar issue where am trying to update a table on a MySQL DB with roughly 40000 records but it takes 1H30 in total.




I tried to make an ODBC Spatial connection to write out the data in bulk but I don't seem to have similar options as in your screenshot.


I am new to Alteryx Designer, could you please tell me what could I possibly be missing?




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Thanks a lot for this awesome tip. It helped me reduce the writing to a table from 35 minutes down to 3 minutes or so!