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How to shorten a zipcode formula from excel to alteryx


How would I enter this formula from excel: =IF(LEN(A1)>5,LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-4),A1)  into the formula tool in alteryx? 


I have large Zip codes that I need to make only a 5 digit numeric zip code for another file to merge data together.



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ACE Emeritus

Could you give this a try:

IIF (Length([A1]) > 5, Left([A1], Length([A1])-4), [A1])
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Alteryx Certified Partner
Left(a1,5) would work too
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ACE Emeritus

@JohnJPS has given you mostly correct syntax to duplicate what you've got in Excel and create a numeric output field.


The Left and Length functions are String functions so if you want to return the result to a numeric field format you will need to convert the strings to numbers.


IIF (Length([A1]) > 5, ToNumber(Left([A1], Length([A1])-4)), ToNumber([A1]))




I wonder if what you're doing in Excel is actually doing what you want...


If you have ZIPs that are longer than 5 characters, why not simply use ToNumber(Left([A1],5))?


If you use the Excel-style expression above, you would get a 6 digit code if your A1 has 10 characters (e.g. 01234-1234 would return 01234-). If you use the expression above and your A1 value has 7 characters, a Left([A1],5) would give you the same result as the Excel-style expression.


Also, what about A1 values less than 5 characters?


Very helpful! I was trying to figure out how to write this code so I could add a 0 in front of East coast zip codes that lost their leading zeros. My code is slightly different....


IF (Length([ZIP])) < 5 THEN '0'+[ZIP] ELSE [ZIP] ENDIF



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Or you could just use...

PadLeft([ZIP], 5, '0')



OH…Another arrow in the quiver!  Woo Hoo!