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How to share my information on Tableau


I just created a workflow with Market Basket Rules on our transactional data.  I want to now share the chart that shows the transactional data summary with my team showing the most frequent items(categories in my case) along with the count of transactions in those categories..  The best thing would be to have this on Tableau for them to see.  How do I do that or is there a better place to have this available?




To take your data to Tableau, you would connect an Output to to the data output node of your model and choose to save the file as a Tableau data extract (.TDE) file- this could then be shared with other users of Tableau desktop.


Thanks Jason.  I am not sure why I can't even see the file which I saved as .tde


I went into Tableau to open the file but it's not in my folder.  I opened Alteryx workflow where that I created and have the output file on and it's there.  I have been having this issue since this morning on all my files that I have created either yxdb or .tde.  I didn't want to keep running the data as I was pulling from our database so I thought that I will just create yxdb files to shorten the workflow run time as I'm using the same file to do a few things.  I just don't see the files when in Alteryx when I go to "Input data" and my folder where I saved the files.


In short, I'm having a day that I didn't predict to be.


I'm late to the conversation, but I had a little trouble finding my .tde files at first also.


When you open Tableau desktop, are you using "Other Files" as your data source? That's how Tableau categorizes .tdes.





Thanks for the response.


I did exactly as mentioned in your response.  The file opens but I don't get my data in it.




Hmm... that's definitely weird.


Only other thing I can think of is have you dropped a browse tool in at the point where your tde is created, so you can ensure that data is going completely through the workflow?


Or, when you run the workflow, you should get a message at the end that says something to the effect of "X records output to blah.tde" If that number is 0, the problem is further upstream in your workflow.


If it IS writing records, I would recommend getting on a chat with support and maybe they can do a WebEx with you to get a better idea of where the problem is.


I was able to connect with the tech team for help.  It worked out.  I wasn't saving it correctly. 


Thanks for your help.