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How to search through workflow data?


Is it possible to search through the data in a workflow? 


For example, my workflow takes in thousands of rows of data and after a series of filters and other tools, produces a result.  However, during testing, I am noticing that a couple of rows that SHOULD be in the final result are not. 


Is there a way in Alteryx to search the workflows for a specific row and compare before/after a tool runs to determine which step caused it to be dropped?


I have already set the False of my filters to output to another Excel worksheet (to capture any data exceptions), but I have a few rows that do not appear on that sheet or the final results sheet; just need to find out where I'm losing them.


Hi @nrossin


There may be more elegant solutions but if you create a filter to return only the rows that go missing followed by a browse tool you can attach this to the output of any control.  Start in the middle of your workflow and work forward if the rows are there and backward if they're not, running each time.  This way you be able to find the specific control where they vanish.






I have not found a way to search in the Browse tool, though. Can't even sort the columns in that view, for some reason.


Do we just need to copy that into Excel so we can search?


My technique depends on the fact that you set up the Filter tool to return only the records that (eventually) disappear.  This can be any combination of fields that uniquely identify these records.   This way you don't have to search in the browse tool (there is no way to do this).  The records are either there or they're not.


If you don't know which specific records disappear, only that your output contains X records and it should contain X+Y records, then focus on looking at the record counts after each tool.   In Workflow-Configuration on the Canvas tab, change the Connection Progress option to "Show".  This will always show the number of rows output by each tool during the the last run




Thank you for your help.  It turns out I had a filter with an F anchor leading to nowhere. :)