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How to run alteryx workflow via .bat files

8 - Asteroid

Hello I have a question in case I have workflow A B C which require running sequential


instead of running by opening workflow A -> click run -> open workflow B -> run B -> open C -> run C


Is possible to create a batch file where set run script A -> B -> C ?


I only have a single alteryx designer license. Is there any add on I should  include? 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @Krit_Gable ,


There are two ways to solve your problem.


First would be to download the CREW Macros. There is one called conditional runner which runs a series of workflows one after another.


Another way would be to change your workflows to analtytic apps. Then open the interface designer (cntrl + alt + d) and on the configuration sheet activate the button 'On success run another analytic app' And select after the specific app.


Hope this helps!