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How to rotate the text in a PDF file, so as the text to be read by Alteryx properly

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Hello All,


I have been researching the community discussions for my case for months and as it turns out I am the first that have this obstacle. The problem is in the layout of the page in a PDF document and more specifically the orientation of the text on the page. I tried the customized tools: PDF Input (with R-based macro) , PDF Input Text-and-Image, and from Text Mining in Alteryx Intelligence Suite PDF Input and Image to Text so as to read PDF document with different text orientation. The text, situated horizontally and is readable from left to right is correct, but when the page is rotated vertically and the text starts from the bottom to the top, then this text is not read properly in a comprehensible way.




The pages in the PDF document looks like this way:



I would appreciate any idea and some guidance to find a solution for this problem. I suppose a customized tool, using Python is needed.


Many thanks in advance for every cooperation



Hello @EveSt 
Thanks for posting on the Community!
I looked into this with some of my support team and it doesn't appear that this is currently possible to do within Designer.
Right now the recommendation is to make the changes to the PDF so the text is correct before loading them into Alteryx.
You can also submit an idea for this if you would like to see this as a potential feature enhancement.

Community Moderator