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How to replace two or more white spaces with a single white space?


Here is the situation,


There are two white spaces before '-' in the first line where as there is only one white space in the second line. How do I get rid of two white spaces in the first line?


2018 Small North Chart  - GRE

2018 Small South Chart - GRY 


Thank You


Use this in a formula tool:


REGEX_Replace([Field], "\s+", " ")


The \s+ pattern matches one or more whitespace characters, which all get replaced by a single space.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I'm going to go simpler than that; check out the data cleanse tool and there is an option to trim duplicate whitespace!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Under the covers, that is the formula being used.
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Used a similar one.


Thank You


Thank You!

Great answer. What if there was "A&B 5 000,01" and would like to see "A&B 5000,01"? How would you do that?


I like to start with the simplest regex solution possible, and adjust as I hit edge cases.  For your situation, I would try looking for a number, followed by a space, followed by a number.  Then replace it with the 2 numbers.  The regex function which does that looks like this:


REGEX_Replace([Field], "(\d) (\d)", "$1$2")


You will have to check your data a bit to make sure no unwanted side-effects occur and that all of the changes you are expecting are made.  If it accomplishes the goal, great!  If not, we can tweak further.