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How to replace fields


Hi Experts


i'm having trouble with my the formula/tools in alteryx


Rule: All Department 70674 should be tagged Transfer to 70202 in Department Descr column but it seems that it created a new row hence duplicating the data


*Note: I had prior rule to tag the in Account column in Products column (i.e. Account 8321216 = Product )









DepartmentDepartment DescrAccountProduct Amount
70674France 832121683990952726.4
70674Transfer to 702028321216 2726.4
70674Transfer to 702028341308 360
70674Transfer to 702028341308 537.44
70674Transfer to 702028641708 2531.49


Desired output

DepartmentDepartment DescrAccountProduct Amount
70674Transfer to 70202832121683990952726.4
70674Transfer to 7020283413088399095360
70674Transfer to 7020283413088399095537.44
70674Transfer to 70202864170886999912531.49


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @salangc ,


You could edit the column Department Desc on the formula tool using the following expression:

IF [Department] = 70674 THEN "Transfer to 70202" ELSE [Department Descr] ENDIF


In case the department was not a number but a string it would be like this:

IF [Department] = "70674" THEN "Transfer to 70202" ELSE [Department Descr] ENDIF




Hi @salangc 


The Formula tool in Alteryx can not add rows to your data.  It can only add new columns or modify existing ones.  The duplicate data is either present in the input data or is created as the result of join or union.  Check the outputs of the tools before these to find out where the data is being duplicated.  It's better to never produce the duplicates in the first place than to have to correct them.


If the data is in this form directly in the input, and you need to correct it, use a Filter to extract all rows where the Product is not empty then apply a Formula tool to change all the [Department Descr] to "Transfer to 70202".  You may need to clean the Product column, because it seems to have a space which would count as not empty