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How to 'recover' results screen when going from dual monitor setup to remote desktop


Hi @jt_edin,


I would recommend emailing into so that we can get a case created for you on this issue.  We can then document the behavior and escalate if needed, keeping you apprised of updates along the way. 


Thanks all for reporting,


Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx
9 - Comet

I just had the same problem and googled my way to this thread. I was about to restore default settings when I realized that I had moved one of my monitors and adjusted the position from below the main monitor to beside it. Sure enough, when I went back into the 'adjust screen resolution' window and dragged the monitor's position back down below, I found my missing floaters.


It seems like Alteryx is being overly rigid about storing its window position info, and doesn't adjust when the display environment changes. If it were up to me, I'd probably just put something like 'reset window position' in the view menu.


Your mileage may vary, but it worked for me!


Layout with missing windows:

Monitors Side.PNG


Changing back to this, I found the windows again and docked them back to the main window. Voila!

Monitors Bottom.PNG

7 - Meteor

I'm on 11.7 and have the same issue. Just submitted a suggestion in the product ideas forum:

5 - Atom

I have found that the results window is minimized at the bottom of the screen and you cannot see the window at all. It takes me a minute to blindly adjust the cursor until the cursor changes into an arrow that can drag the top of the minimized results view upwards. 

Perfect working

5 - Atom

Why should the user log something in order for a case to be created? Clearly there is an issue here whether it was logged through official channels or not. I'm not trying to be difficult  - I'm genuinely interested to understand why something that is clearly an issue seems to be going undressed because of a technicality.