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How to read/write data to mysql/ qliksense server/

6 - Meteoroid

Hi all,

I am deploying Alteryx as data prep & modeling for our project. We have source located in MySQL, so i also want to build my dwh in Mysql combining with Qlik Sense Server as BI tool. I have few questions would ask experts to help me convince my mgt board:
1. I have to capture status,logging etl steps during workflows, so has any way to insert to a table in database to get the step, checksum, ERROR_NUMBER, ERROR_SEVERITY, ERROR_MESSAGE and the best practice to full load, incremental load, re-run?
2. I see alteryx can output to qlik file, so has any way to put the file to qlik server directly and the data will be refreshed automatically?

 3. Can Alteryx connect to MySQL (JSON) to pull data to another instance in MYSQL directly ?


Curently, i designing data will be transformed from alteryx and write to MySQL before Qlik Sense connect to MySQL and get the data. Its appriciated if anyone has experience to advice on the high level architecture. Alternatively, i can offer SQL Server as dwh but we only have the stardard version and the volume data is very large( up to >10m rows per day with 3 years)

Thank in advance.