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How to read the latest file in a folder where it has multiple files


Hi Team,


I am a new bee to alteryx I need to read a file from folder.The folder has multiple files (which get created twice in a week).

I need to read the latest file from that folder every day.


Below is the folder and the year and quarter will get change when we enter to new quarter.(ie new folder will get created ).


\\rhea\finance\Division Finance\2017\Q317\Forecast\Reporting\Pipeline


How do I automate this in alteryx?.


Also how can I connect to SAP BI and run my query to generate files which is input for alteryx.


Any help would be really grateful.




I can't help on SAP BI but for reading the newest file take a look at this article:


For your case, you will need to do a slightly different first step. Make the Directory Tool search all subfolders (there is a checkbox) of \\rhea\finance\Division Finance\. You may then need a filter tool to ensure the file name is within Forecast\Reporting\Pipeline - for example, a custom filter something like should work:


EndsWith([Directory], '\Forecast\Reporting\Pipeline\')


After that, the instruction in the Knowledge Base article should be correct.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



For connectors to SAP BI, I recommend the connectors from De Villiers Walton  They simplify the access and data blending requirements through the use of Alteryx.



Check with @darronwalton or PM me and we can get you started with a demo.




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