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How to read from different Excel files all with Sheet1


I have a macro that figures out what last month is and puts it in the format mmmyy, i.e. Jul19.    I have Excel files placed in a directory names Rate-mmmyy.xlsx.  i.e. Rates-Jun19.xlsx, Rates-Jul19.xlsx, Rates-Aug19.xlsx.  The only sheet in each Excel is Sheet1.


In the past I have used the dynamic input tool to read in Alteryx Database based upon the value from the macro.  So, I'd read in Alteryx-Jun19.yxdb or Alteryx-Jul19.yxdb depending on the output from the macro.


I'm trying to do the same with the Excel files.  Only now, the dynamic input tool wants to change the table, or sheet, it is looking for to the value in the macro. It won't change the filename it is looking for.  


Is there another tool to use, or a specific way to configure the dynamic input tool that I'm missing?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @afinzerillo for an excel files you would need to specify the sheet you want to get from the file in your file path e.g. "C:\Report\ Rates-Aug19.xlsx|sheet1". An alternative is to use a wildcard with an Input Tool  this link has an example under Files and select multiple files.


Thanks for the reply.


I looked at the documentation you referenced and I'm not sure it helps.  I want to read one file, not many.


My macro determines the month as variable of Period.  So, I want to read in file Rates-[Period][.xlsx.  This month it is Rates-Jul19.xlsx.  Next month it is Rates-Aug19.xlsx.  Both of them have Sheet1.


The Dynamic Input tool wants to take the variable Period and look for a sheet named Jul19 instead of looking for a file ending with Jul19.  It works when reading in files that aren't Excel.


Not sure if I'm configuring the tool incorrectly or if there is a different tool to use.