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How to read data( By data I mean Excel file) from DropBox.


So my issue is I am in middle of automating the process and done with everything apart from one thing. My process is that my consumer will upload a file at dropbox and I want to read it from there and then will scrub in my automated process where it is scrubbed with oracle data soucre to show the status...


I m struggling to read data from dropbox. Kindly help.

Alteryx Partner

Hi taranoberoi,


I've struggled to read data from my Google Drive before. This had to do with the security settings of the folder.

Maybe this is something blocking you as well?


Are you trying to run the workflow on your own user account and does that user account have all permissions allowed for Dropbox (properties -> security)?

Or are you trying to run the workflow in a scheduler setting; in this case the SYSTEM needs to have access or you need to use your own windows user credentials to run the flow.


If neither of this helps, could you please provide a screenshot detailing the error?