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How to put total on a Text Input?

7 - Meteor

There are two separate tables. The top table is a summary and the bottom table shows a list of all sales. 


I am trying to put the total of sales under column "Variable" but, by according to the person's id. 


This is just an example of the situation that I am dealing with. I am also trying to put formulas on a text tool. Can we put, TODAY() formula on a text box? 


The reason, I am asking is cause I am working with an Input Table and trying to put the "Total" from a summarize tool  onto a the table from a Text Box Table.


There is a picture of an example and a yxmd file. 


12 - Quasar

Hi @bmay10  See the attached workflow, hopefully that gives you what you are looking for..




7 - Meteor

pretty close. i was just asking for one person to show on the top table.


it is kind of like a vlookup. Where if the user ID is 1, then show me the person's name and the total sale.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @bmay10 ,

You can't put a formula directly into a Report Text tool - but the way to do it is to construct the text you need in a formula tool just before the report text, and then add this as a field in the report text tool.