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How to put multiple sheets into a single excel file after render?



Hi all, my purpose is to output multiple sheets into a single excel file with complex layout. As shown above, there are lost of tables, text boxes and other elements in each sheet; thus, "group" option is not valid in both Layout tool and Render tool. If the Render tool can work like Output tool to specify sheet name for storing data, this problem would be solved. I have stuck here for a long time. Is there any suggestion to kick this issue out?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @diabolic


Sorry I didn't get back to you on this yesterday!


Ok here's a possible solution for you...


  • After your layout tools add a formula that defines the sheet name
  • Union all of your streams together
  • Add another layout tool using section breaks
  • render output



Hi LordNeiLord, I will try your solution tomorrow. Thanks for your kind help.


Hi LordNeilord, I have tired your solution on my workflow. It works!!!!!! Your sample solution is really helpful! However I get a small issue (not important at all), when I use Layout -> Vertical with Section Breaks.


In your example, the sheet names is the same as the value of "Type". In my workflow, I also add a "Type" field in my each sub-workflow for section break and the value of my "Type" is simple strings like "ASP" and "AVP", but the sheet names are still "sheet1", "sheet2" and etc. in the output file. How can I force Alteryx to use the value of "Type" as sheet names?