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How to output one excel file from two excel files

Hi everyone,


I need some help, I want to create an output excel, with two other files that are completed. The fact is:


a) Rows (ID Code) must keep the original order 

b) Columns must keep same header name (in order)


Blue columns shouldn´t change, only the whites. The final output should be the same excel file, but filled with information from original 2 (excel 1 and excel 2), with no change in blue columns. 

How should be the process?

Example bellow:



Alteryx sample.JPGExample





You can just do a union of the 2 excel sheets to get the output file as required.


Or you can just use the input tool with name satisfying both the report names, the output of the tool will automatically have the union from both the files.

By doing that, the problem I have it give me duplicates ID Code, in this case instead have 6 filled columns I have 12 colums. Any idea on how could I output this data with no duplicates?

Sorry, 12 rows, no columns 


Good afternoon Ignacio,


I think that what you are trying to do is to merge two columns. The join procedure does not merge the columns but puts one besides the other instead.


The solution might be to insert a formula module and create a new field with a formula like the following: If [Field1] = '' then [Field2] else [Field1] endif


Hope it helps




from the 12 rows, you can just filter out the rows with blanks..