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How to open multiple zip files with Input Data Tool?

Alteryx Partner

Does anyone know how to input multiple zip files with Input Data Tool?


I am trying to input 2,300 zip fies(all of them have one csv file in it  and they are in the same folder) with Input Data Tool, but cannot find the way to select multiple zip files in "Open a data file" window.

I know that we can open mulple csv files using " * ", however it did not work for zip files.


Please let me know how to figure it out.


I think you can do this using a directory tool to get a list of all the zip files and then feed it into a dynamic input tool updating the filename as long as the csv files are named the same within the zip.


I have attached a sample showing how it might work. You will need to change the CSV filename in the formula tool if this would work


Otherwise if filenames vary, you could do this by extracting all the files into a temporary folder and importing the results. 


I am happy to put a sample together for the second if that is the case

I have 6 zip files(names differs) within which there are csv file with same name as zip file.


I want to collate all csv file into one file.


Wilcard path is not working. how to use dynamic input here?






A little late, but if you are still looking for an answer, check out JD's response above.  As long as your files all of the same field layout, you can use the workflow he provided and simply change the path on the directory and modify the formula to reflect your files.


Could you please put a sample together for the second case where the filenames vary.