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How to open multiple xml files using Analytical App workflow saved in Alteyrx Server




I have multiple xml files that are saved in a zip folder.  I would like to read those xmls using Analytical App workflow saved in the Alteryx Server.  Folder browse tool cannot be used in analytical app published to the web.  Therefore, I used file browse tool and input tool to read zip folder.  This workflow works fine in Alteryx designer, however, when I uploaded it into the server, I got an error: "File Upload Error - Requested file format is not supported".


I attached a sample workflow.


Thank you for your help in advance!






Thank you for your contribution to the Community!


This particular issue requires further investigation by our Customer Support staff. I've escalated your post to the appropriate team and you can expect to be contacted via email or Private Message shortly. In order for our Support staff to assist, please do your best to have the following information readily available:


Thank you in advance for your patience. Have a great day,

Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Hi @knozawa,


Unfortunately, ZIP files are not supported in the Gallery at this time. Please feel free to submit this as an idea in the Community Ideas section. If it gets enough stars to get the developers attention, this feature could find its way into the product in the future. 


Thank you.


Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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