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How to move data from one column to another

Hey all, 


I am trying to create an Alteryx expression that will recognize the Transaction Type and will move the total cost data accordingly. In this case, I am trying to move all AMCR Transportation Total Costs to the Transportation column.


I am getting an error on the formula I have created below. Can someone point me in the right direction? 


 IF [Transaction Type] = "AMCR Transportation" THEN [Transport ] ELSE Null() ENDIF






I don't see a Transport Column. If you're applying this formula to the Transportation column then it looks like what you need is


IF [Transaction Type] = "AMCR Transportation" THEN [Total Cost] ELSE Null() ENDIF


Let me know if I am misunderstanding the question



Thank you so much! That Column was supposed to be transport,  but your formula worked!