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How to mimic Excel PRODUCT Function (multiply multiple rows within a group)

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Good day,


New user of Alteryx and first post to this forum. Just setting expectations


I am looking to group together rows by the KeyID column (first column in the attached data sampling) and multiply each value from the value column (last column in the attached data sampling). Similar to the Excel PRODUCT Function. 


EXCEL REFRESHER : The PRODUCT function is helpful when multiplying many cells together. The formula =PRODUCT(A1:A3) is the same as =A1*A2*A3.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




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Hey @ttulloch 


There should really be an option for this in the summarize tool, right? But since there isn't, here's one way to do it,


Screenshot (8).png


Use a multi-row formula to create [Product] field - multiply the previous [Product] by the current [Value] to get a running product (make sure you tick to groupby your [KeyID] field.

Then use a summarize to groupby [KeyID] and take the last [Product]. 


Example attached...


I see im a little late to the party but going off response below, here is a build out of another potential solution: 



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Worked like a charm  ... Much thanks [insert thumbs up emoji here] ...