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How to merge two data sets and include new data that does not have same identifier


Hi, First day using alteryx and I am having trouble merging two files via a common field name and then adding additional rows of items from one of the inputs that did not match the other.


Background: I have 2 listings(A and B) that have different columns that I have merged using the Join two via a common identifier. Listing A has some new data that is not included in listing B. I would like this additional data to flow into my output at the end of the newly merged file. Is there a way to do this?


Hi @jpm296,


I believe if you were to use the union tool on the J output tab and either the R or L output tab (the tab on the same side as listing A) you will get the desire result. There will most likely be warnings as the data not part of the join will most likely be missing columns, alteryx will automatically fill these will null so these warning will not have to much of an impact on your workflow. You can also turn them off within the union tool.


If you want all records from both datasets (meaning the joined population by common field and inputs from both files that did not join), you can use a join multiple tool. This is the equivalent of doing a full outer join. If you only want the joined population and the unmatching records from one of the populations, you can join the two files on the common field, and then union the joined population with the unjoined population desired. Hope that helps!

Alteryx Partner

Hi @jpm296,


You can solve this by using multiple join as well as join and then use a select tool to eliminate duplicate fields. Attached solution along with this post.



Thanks everybody! That all makes sense