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How to match data + add calcul


Hey Community ! :)


Today i need your help please, i don't know how to do to process my data..


I have this kind of data (datatomatch.xlsx) to report in a kind of specific struture


This is the structure (balancesheet.xlsx) 


I want to match the data from datatomatch.xlsx to balancesheet.xlsx, i want to report the amount correponding to the right number account in the column December 2017.

For example, in the account 611300, i want to repot the sum of all account starting with 6113 in my datatomatch.xlsx because there are differents account starting with 6113.

For example , in the account 102000, i want to report the value of the account starting with 102 inside datatomatch.xlsx,... Etc

As you can see, in the balancesheet.xlsx file, i want to add the sum result of all the account in a section (For example=> Capital who is the add of  account starting with 101 + 1041 + 1042 + 105 + 106 ) 

Same thing for Assets and liabilities..


I hope you understand my request


Thank a lot for your help & sorry if i made mistakes with my english







Nobody can help me? Do you need more information? Do you understand my request?



Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

Hi @Sousou, Thank you for your contribution to the Community!


The Alteryx Community is here to assist you with questions, issues and ideas. We ask that you attempt to build the workflow on your own as a first step. If you encounter specific issues or errors along the way, the Alteryx Community is here to help!


Here are some resources to help you get started:

Join Tool

Text To Columns Tool





Hello @DanM


Thank's for your message, of course i understand ...


So i have differents issues to build my workflow because i don't know what's the best solution to process my data, for the moment i'm building my workflow with formula tool like:

IF StartsWith([ACCOUNT], "101") then LEFT([ACCOUNT], 3)+ "000" else
IF StartsWith([ACCOUNT], "115") then LEFT([ACCOUNT], 3)+ "000" else
IF StartsWith([ACCOUNT], "141") then LEFT([ACCOUNT], 3)+ "000" else



To have the same number than balancesheet.xlsx and i will try with join tool.. to report amount from datatomatch.xlsx to balancesheet.xlsx..