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How to log final status of workflow in the database?

Alteryx Partner

Hello all,


I have close to 50 workflows which I am scheduling for the auto refresh. Hence I want to log the final status of the workflow post successful/ failed run in a table of the database which will be referred by support team.

Please suggest. 


Please note that for successful run, I have passed an insert statement  in the "Post Create SQL Statement" in the output data (refer attachment). 

Please help in failure cases. 



@Avinesh are these on a server or desktop with automation?

You can schedule post run events from the Events tab configuration.

I have a similar process, although I came about it in a much longer way whereby I have the workflow email the output log on completion to myself.

I have an instance of Outlook running on a server with VBA rules to move specific emails to folders and either they get their text/attachment extracted and saved to a network drive, or the Outlook folder gets queried later and the log gets put into a database.

Alteryx Partner

Hi Patrick,


Its on desktop with automation.

Also, we don't have email mechanism on the server. 

Don't we have a direct method wherein success or failure of the workflows can be logged into database only?