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How to limit base map selection in the Alteryx Gallery map output

6 - Meteoroid



Is there a way to limit the base map options when an analytic app is run in the Alteryx Gallery?

Currently when an app in the gallery is run and it includes spatial output that can be browsed, the map output allows the user to select from all base maps (screenshot attached)


e.g. is it possible to provide the user to only select between 1-2 options instead of all the base maps available on the machine.


Thank you



17 - Castor
17 - Castor



If this is a Drop Down interface tool that you configure in your App, you could manually set values rather than using the "Reference Base Maps Option". This will allow you to provide the Name:Value pairs from a curated list of reference base maps.
















The name will be the display name like you see in the screenshot you provided, and the value can be obtained in the XML view of the Report Map tool. Look for the "<ReferenceMap>" tag in the XML after setting the desired reference map.















6 - Meteoroid

Hi Charles,


The Map and drop down list of base map options are automatically generated by the Gallery so I don't think I can specify the XML (it's not coming from a specific tool).

For instance the following workflow would automatically create the following gallery output:





Alteryx Gallery results:



Inside the Base Map drop down are all available base maps (this is where I'd like to limit the list to a select few).


So the only tool to specify any XML would be the Output Data tool, but I don't see where this should be specified as there's nothing map related in the tool.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Ah, I see now. You are correct that this will not be controlled by the App unless you want to render the map as an image before it is output. The spatial output does not have a reference base map associated with it. and the options listed there are set by the Gallery. 


This isn't my area of specialty, so maybe @Claje or @JulieM could point you in the right direction.


The only way to do this would be to uninstall the unwanted datasets that you do not want available. So on the Alteryx hosted Gallery this is not an option, but this could be done on a private gallery.

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