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How to input both Comma delimited and Tab delimited files using Dynamic Input




Actually am trying to input certain files from a single folder. All the files are saved in .csv only but few of them are comma separated and rest are tab separated. However the structure in terms of column and order are same and i want to join all of them in a single structure.  Dynamic input is not picking both the type of files together. Is there a better way ?

Really stuck here



I know you can enter multiple separator characters in a single text to columns tool i.e ,\t

Can you not do the same with a dynamic input tool? If not, why not load the files with no \0 (no delimiter) and parse the data with text to columns tool as mentioned above?
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @ashish25 


Certainly @DavidP's approach is the one I'd follow.

\0 delimiter brings you kind of a flat file format, and then the challenge is to parse the data, we'd be glad to help you if you provide us a sample of it.



Hi @ashish25 


As @DavidP and @Thableaus mentioned, you can have the dynamic input tool read in the files without delimiters. Just set the Delimiters option to \0, as shown below.



I've also found this works best when you read in the Full Path from the directory tool rather than the File Name.



You can then set up the Text to Columns tool to parse on either a comma or a tab: Use ,\t in the delimiters field.