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How to get output in a specific template in a single file having multiple tabs?




I have started using Alteryx since a week. I am stuck with this item since a few days. 


I want to get an output in a specific template. I have attached a screenshot of the same template. In the same way i need to output multiple files in a single output file having multiple tabs with different templates respectively.


The screenshot is an example of one template which is in a single tab. My output has data generated under the last header(Change Home Contact Information Key, Person Reference ID type, Person Reference ID etc)


Likewise I have multiple templates in different tabs. My workflow generates different files and each file should be an output for these templates.

Is there any tool which I can use to design an output template.


Thanks !!




1. Create a template excel file with all the formatting, formula, conditions etc.

2. Create a workflow with that copies your existing excel (template) and create a duplicate at required location. Creating a copy of your template file will require batch file execution. The same can be checked at below url


3. Use your normal workflow process to add data to that file.


Hope that solves your problem. Mark it as solution if it works for others.







I tried this method. The batch file copies the file from source to destination. I was not able to configure the Run Command tool.


Is there another walkaround for this as there are not many resources I can find for Run Command tool?






I have created a sample to copy from source folder to destination folder using run command. Hope that helps.