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How to get in between values?

8 - Asteroid

Hi All,


I know "and" / "or" in Alteryx behave differently than in Excel but I don't know. I need to use them both in a single formula but my logic is not working.



Status = "check income"

Income < 200 or > -200


The goal is to get the values in between < 200 and > -200.



1. If status="check income" and income < 200 and income > -200 then...

2. If status="check income" and income < 200 or income > -200 then...


Unfortunately, both did not work.


Help please.


Thank you!


15 - Aurora

You want to use the 1st one




8 - Asteroid

Hi @crazybeauti_ful ,


As @DavidP  mentions, the first formula should bring home the task. However, if you've already tried and worked it out and it still doesn't give the solution, make sure the data type of the fields are correct before the formula tool and the data type you've selected for the output  is correct in the Formula Tool.


If it still doesn't work, would you mind posting your workflow and a sample data set for review.