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How to generate geometry from latitude and longitude

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Hi there,

I have little bit problem to generate a geometry based on longitude and latitude. Hope someone can help me.
Here I attach a file, where in that file, it have an input sheet (input data) and also output sheet (how the output should be).


The geometry should be polygon. So, I can see the location in a map.

Thank for review my problem.

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I believe what you're trying to do is achieved by using the Create Points tool, which can be found in the spatial category. 


I have attached an image displaying the output using this tool. Just configure the X and Y fields within the tool to match your Latitude/Longitude fields and the tool will generate a centroid for each record which is visible on a map through the browse tool.


Just insert a Select tool after the Create Points tool and rename the Centroid field 'Geometry' to achieve your desired output!


Hope this helps!

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Hi Jakemancer,


Thank you for reply and solution.. But that was not exactly output that I want...instead the geometry using a point..

I want it in form of polygon.


point - on the map, it only plot the location

polygon - on the map, it will show the area of that location


hope you understand what I am trying to say

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As you can see from the file that i attached below, we can view our location using map based on point and also polygon.

and I want my location from longitude and latitude (original data) is view by using polygon

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The latitude/longitude within your input is a specific point on a map - thus just generating a point. You can join these together to show one large polygon, or alternatively create a polygon around them with the latitude/longitude at the centre?


The size of this polygon can be specified by you!

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I still little bit blur, hope you can show me simple workflow on how to do that?
you may use input data that i provided or any data that related to my question.

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This is my best guess as to what you're looking for. After you've created your points as @jakemancer has described, you can also use the Buffer tool to create a circle around that point. You can specify the radius of the circle based upon Miles or Kilometers.



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Okay, thanks for make me understand my problem

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If I have different radius for each data point is it possible to draw circle according to it?


For example:



Hello @akamdi1, you can use the From Field option in the BufferSize parameter of the Buffer tool.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer