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How to extract the metadata for excel file to determine the excel file type @joeS

I have different excel file formats altogether at one place and I need to put them into distinct folders segregating on the basis of excel file types. Can I do this in alteryx using the excel metadata or something else?


Do you mean you have .xls and .xlsx? 


Or do you mean you have different columns and are looking to move them based upon this?


If you could upload a couple of examples that would be great.

I have different worksheets in different excel file types and I need to segregate them on the basis of excel files containing the same worksheets.


I think you will need to create a batch macro whereby you read in each workbook and the list of sheet names. 


If you then output that list you can build your logic to check which ones contain the exact same list and the create a batch file to move them to their corresponding folders.


Is that something you are comfortable to have a go at?