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How to export a date field from alteryx to excel for the excel filter tool

I am attempting to use alteryx to send a data to an excel spreadsheet. In excel there is a filter function, and if you put it on a date field, you are able to display only the months you select and filter out the ones you don't. When I export from alteryx to excel however, I am unable to use the filter function to filter by months. I believe that this is due to alteryx not sending the date field as a date field. The problem is that alteryx needs a date field that is formatted in a yyyy-mm-dd format and excel needs a mm/dd/yyyy format. When I send a date field in the alteryx format to excel, excel still is unable to receive it as a date field. How can I export my data to excel and still be able to use the filter tool to filter dates by month in excel?

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Alteryx Certified Partner



I just tested this and had no problems.  I set a date field and made sure that the data type was "DATE".  When I wrote to excel it appears as 7/30/2018 and filters as a date.  I also created an output of 07/30/2018 and that field FAILED to have the date part filters.


Please be sure that your data is set to DATE for the type.




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Can you please post what you are doing? I have tried running it as a date field and I have tried to convert it to the format that excel wants. If I attempt to change the format in the way that excel wants while leaving it as a date field it turns all of my values into null. I am unable to output the filter by months with the dates either in a date or a string field.


Thank you


You are correct, you can't have the date in mm/dd/yyyy in Alteryx, it will null out all your fields.  In the attached, I've built a workflow that converts a string to an Alteryx date field (yyyy-mm-dd), and outputting it to an excel file.  All I did with the excel was open it and apply a filter to the column and it seems to be working as expected.




I apologize for not specifying this earlier, but for my requirements I must use a render tool and a table. I believe that that is where the problem is occurring.


Thank you