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How to dynamically rename field names and keep formulas working


Hi Community


I have been tasked with creating a tool where the Macro input at the start is to select the year and it automatically gives out the output for that year.


If I set the Macro to dynamically rename fields with a find and replace function (I.e. 2018 to 2019) will it mean any formulas containing these fields will then no longer work?


If so is there any way around this or will I need to look at changing my naming convention?






It's difficult to say without seeing your workflow, but Is it not possible to do all you calculations first and rename the columns in the final step of your workflow?


Alternatively, if your incoming data has the year in the field names, you could use the Multi Field Tool and [_CurrentField_] variable to rename you columns so that you can have standard formulas and do the same at the end to insert the year in the field name.


Hi David


That makes sense. My woorklfow is rreasobaly large with several inputs coming from different databases which have the year in their field name. I think my best solution would be to put a dynamic rename to remove the date from the field name after the connect In-DBa nd Datat stream out then I can just keep the names general in the formulas.


Thank you for your help